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What's Your It?

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Heeeey, Glam!

Do you find yourself fantasizing about something else? Wanting to live a different life? Wondering what would happen if you just took the leap? Let me guess, the answer is yes? Well, what's stopping you? What's preventing you from just going for it? 

Are you struggling to determine what "it" is for you? Is it fear? Imposter Syndrome? Are you afraid of failure? Success (yes, this is a real thing)? 

It is our responsibility to build and nurture our dreams. If we don't, we will spend our lives building and nurturing someone else's. 

Let's partner together! Whether you need help with deciding what "it" is for you, developing the "go" plan, or simply need accountability; We are here to Glitz, Glam, & Go (for it) Together! 

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What is Glitz, Glam, Go?

That's easy... It's YOU, being the BEST version of YOU.

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Glitz is the ability to shine no matter the cards you've been dealt. You decide to purposely turn your pain into purpose. You decide that no matter what you deserve a good life. You owe it to yourself to go for that good life... to do what sets your soul on not live another day below the privilege that is yours. You do the work to dig deep and be accountable. You remember that you are a diamond and you begin to Glitz while Glamming, and Going for it.

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We often only equate the word "Glam" for things pertaining to makeup, nails, hair, etc. But, for me, it’s really about putting your best foot forward and being intentional with our self-care. We know that a solid self-care routine can make a huge difference in how we see ourselves and the circumstances surrounding us. It allows us to be our best selves.
Resting. Meditating. Praying. Being honest about what we want and why. Learning to be unapologetic about our desires. Removing the things and people that no longer serve us. Not letting dusty people stress us out, right?? Think about how you feel when you are rested, hydrated, thriving, and minding your business. And once you add "going for your dreams to the equation?!? TUH! Are you smiling? EXACTLY!  These are the things that allow you to glam.

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Let's GO, Glam!

This is where you show yourself what you're made of. Where excuses no longer exist, your sob stories are buried, and you have unequivocally decided that you matter, the life you want is within your reach, and you are ready to GO FOR IT. 

Depending on the results of your consultation and needs assessment, we begin to layout a plan to get you Glitzing, Glamming, & Going for it. You receive real life applications and a road map to help along your journey. Depending on your package, you may also choose weekly or bi-weekly meetings for status updates, reworking your plan, assessments to determine progress, etc. You determine how much help you need as you decide to Go For It. 

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I'm Shaneal, Head Glamstress at Glitz, Glam, Go. I am a certified Life/Goals Coach, a Marketing and Public Relations Professional, and a Superhero (aka mommy of one amazingly perfect one year old). This business was birthed from 13 years of business consulting. People would gladly spend money for help with their businesses but rarely follow through. After some thought (and introspection on what held me back in the past), I realized we are oftentimes our biggest haters. We will handcuff ourselves to our mistakes, fear, scarcity mindset, etc. But, it is time out for that. We owe it to ourselves to heal, discover or rediscover who we are and what we want, and decide to go for it. You may need to heal from a bad relationship, childhood trauma, a failed business, negative self-talk, etc. That's what I want to help you do. We all owe it to ourselves to Glitz, Glam, Go!

Shaneal, Head Glamstress

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